Recommended Literature: Family Violence & Parental Alienation


Parental alienation, considered a form of emotional abuse, is the psychological manipulation of a child turning against the unwanted parent. Parental alienation usually occurs in cases of divorce or separation. Family violence, on the other hand, is often overlooked by professionals when a child is unwilling to live with or visit a parent in cases of separation or divorce. The literature below provides research on the importance of screening for family violence and finding the root cause of a child’s behavior rather than labeling a parent as ‘alienated.’

A link and citation to the literature are  below:

Saunders, D. G., & Faller, K. C. (2016). The need to carefully screen for family violence when parental alienation is claimed. Michigan Family Law Journal, 46, 7-11.

Photo Credit: Tumisu, Pixabay, License: CC Public Domain

Aneeta Pearson, MSW, MS


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